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How left-wing relativism begat multi-wing bullshit

(Incidentally, I’ve set up a page on this site compiling the links I find on bullshit. Nominations welcome, as you can tell from what I’ve written here, all corners of the sociopolitical fringe are welcome.) Every once in a while, … Continue reading

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The Attack on Truth: Postmodernism and propaganda

In grad school, I worried that the same “postmodernist” tools that ivory-tower professors used to question reality were also being used by propaganda merchants to question climate change, evolution and so forth. I hate being right. But this Chronicle of … Continue reading

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How classical music got weirder than rock

AKA: “Help! I’m a constipated cellist in a helicopter!” 7 Experimental Adventures in Classical Music | Mental Floss.

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Scientific ignorance: Partially the fault of us journalists

Though I’d also blame the English department for foisting postmodernist crap on us: Something has happened with the last generation of journalists, who have been taught the postmodern idea that there is no such thing as objective reality. But there … Continue reading

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