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Forty days to contemplate how to talk without anger or bull—-

I’m giving up Twitter for Lent. You’ll still see automated notices every time I post something at Duresport (on @duresport feed) or here (on @duretalk — and anything I post here will be about music or how The Blacklist fell off … Continue reading

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Corporate social media — an oxymoron?

When your company is savaged on John Oliver’s show, wouldn’t you want to respond? Companies have so many tools to do so these days. The days of tossing press releases to overloaded newsroom fax machines are long gone. We have … Continue reading

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Random reads: Healthy Chipotle, life-crushing Tweets, astrology, creepy houses

“Chipotle unhealthy!” screamed the headlines this week. As Slate points out, that’s wrong. Chipotle simply gives you the option of eating a lot of food. And that’s not an option you have to take. You can go for the bowl instead … Continue reading

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Yeah, I posted on Twitter! That don’t mean you *&%$!s can read it!

Man tweets obnoxious comments toward Sandra Fluke. She responds, he responds. Blog screen-caps Twitter exchange. Man thinks he can either sue blogger or intimidate blogger into removing comments — that he made on Twitter under his own name. Me bash … Continue reading

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